Saturday, February 21, 2009

Back on writing ...

Well, back on feeding Google's dominance of on-line content :-), I wish they had the ability to develop a tool to give me more time to get more done from my never ending ToDo list.

Well I had to admit that many of their tools have increased my productivity and facilitated generating and posting content on-line.

I've been quite busy for a while trying to get multiple projects done.

Unfortunately I'm out of the Microchip PIC32 Design Challenge but at least got some nice prizes and an honorable mention for my design. It was a very interesting experience and a good opportunity to learn new tricks and meet other folks with common interests.

But IMHO the voting process got a little bit skewed and somehow the challenge became more sort of popularity than a design contest. Anyway, on one hand I feel some relief since I can continue to complete my design but now without ties to the rules of the contest.

I've been helping my beautiful wife to get the first version of her jewelry website up and running, she is creating amazing and unique artistic jewelry pieces. Her work with Precious Metal Clay has already been published in the 2008 PMC Guild Annual book, and she is getting fantastic comments and feedback on her Flickr Photostream.

It seems that I'm catching up with Web 2.0, or is it catching up with me ? :-)

I'm sort of reorganizing my on-line presence. I was able today to change this personal blog to, it was before. I didn't notice that there are many more options now connect things here and there, and I've lost count of how many profiles I have out there and need to be updated, but at least this one was a quick and very smooth process. My kudos to the Google folks for making it so much easier.

On the "Social Networking" side, while I still keep LikedIn sorta as professional personal profile and as a contact management resource, I've been spending a lot of time (may be too much) playing with Facebook.

I had my account for a while but initially didn't have much interest or took the time to search for old friends. In the past few weeks I was able to reconnect with many friends and old colleagues, so far it's being a nice a experience remembering old tales and things we did together, and after many years share pictures and see each other kids.

Being an expat for more than twelve years now, I've a constant demand from family members and close friends to keep feeding them with images, so I resorted to another great tool from Google and uploaded some pictures to my Picasa Web Albums.

I've been using Picasa since it's beta version to organize pictures on my computer at home, some of the latest features are very useful, and getting some pictures on-line is quite easy now.

One thing I'm still behind, is to keep this blog up to date, perhaps I took the wrong approach when I created it trying to make it too formal and structured, so I'll try something different now and adopt the habit to start writing some thoughts, ideas, comments and experiences more often.


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