Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Few weeks ago I posted an article saying that it was Time for a Change, well that time has come and I can now shout Freeeeeedom…..

Well, not that I was a prisoner but somehow over the past couple of years I was hostage of myself trying to stick with a project that consumed all of my time and energy, perhaps more than I was supposed to dedicate to a regular job. It also limited my creativity and didn’t let me explore and develop what was my original goal and idea, get things connected to the Internet, what marketing people have been calling for a while IoT aka Internet of Things.

I have no regrets, I really enjoyed working with a great group of people, I made new friends and expanded my network of contacts, increased my knowledge and expertise. 

I’ve been on both sides of layoffs, in this particular case it was sort of pre-announced since I knew it was coming. Not extremely happy about some actions and how communication worked but it is what it is, a business decision that happens in all sizes and sort of companies every day.

I’ve received extensive training about how to perform and deal with layoffs, not a pleasant thing to do when you are in an executive or management position, and it requires a lot of professionalism, respect and compassion since you are impacting big time the well-being of other people.

A piece of advice if you ever have to be on either side of a layoff, never take it personal, unfortunately when the bottom line numbers don’t show what investors or the Board of Directors are expecting, one of the first lines that show up on the list of adjustments is payroll costs. In my personal opinion a very inhumane way to manage a company, but again it is what it is.

So what happens now ?

I decided to take some time to reconnect with people, projects, explore some ideas and look for new opportunities.

Several years ago, when my good friend Nick Longo let me participate at Geekdom where I got involved in providing advice and mentoring to some young people and startup companies, I had fun helping setting up activities for the Geekbus and I was developing some ideas to have more R&D in Electronics going on in San Antonio, particularly in Internet of Things (IoT) I plan to reconnect and be back doing it.

I started doing R&D in IoT very long time ago, even before it was called IoT. I remember when  talking with Vint Cerf about it, he always joked that he would love the day when he will be able to tell his right sock to find the left sock 😊

Well, I still believe that there are many opportunities and challenges, and San Antonio is very well suited to become a focal point and an incubator of new developments and technologies in this sector.

So I’ll be visiting some friends, learn more about what is currently going on at Port San Antonio now under the helm of the capable and enthusiast Jim Perschbach, and very interesting people around like Drue Placette.

I’ve some workshops that I will be attending in Austin soon, reconnecting with some communities and people like I sort abandoned due to my lack of time, and as always be a volunteer for good initiatives like FIRST Robotics, etc. I’ll also dedicate more time to my technical Blogs.

But, I still have to pay my bills, hence I’m open to hear about potential jobs and opportunities. I can provide my full resume upon request.

To those that provided support during the past couple of years while I was Principal Engineer at Serious Integrated, Inc., my most sincere gratitude and for sure we’ll stay in touch.

And for my former coworkers, it has been a pleasure to work with you, I wish you the best and if I can be of any help or provide references do not hesitate to contact me.

Warmest Regards and Live Long & Prosper

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Time for a change

Hi There

I’ve received several inquiries from people over different social media/email about this event and I’ve no problem at this time to make it public.

Yes, it is now a fact, by the end of July I’ll be leaving my position as Principal Engineer at Serious Integrated, Inc.

It has been a great experience and a pleasure to work with Serious over the past several years, but like any other startups and even well established and mature companies, there are always challenges that require change.

Also, at a personal professional level I needed a change.

I’m currently taking some time off, helping my son get settled in his new apartment for a new school year at UT Austin, and I continue volunteering as a Texas Parents Ambassador to welcome new Longhorn Families to the University of Texas.

In the coming weeks I plan to start visiting some people and companies that for lack of time being absorbed by my job didn’t visit before as I wanted. I’ll be catching up with projects I put on hold, continue doing R&D and designs on my own on Embedded Systems and IoT (now not tied to a single CPU vendor,) and get up to speed with my technical Blog and have fun!

For those that provided support over the past few years my sincere gratitude for your help, getting me the tools and resources to learn about new technologies and keep creating, I will stay in touch and no doubt will keep asking for free kits and samples 😊

While I’m not yet actively looking I’m open to hear about interesting projects my skills and experience may be of help.

Warmest Regards

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Sad news from Argentina today. A friend of mine just gave me the news that Dr. Dante Caputo passed away last night. I had the honor and privilege to work with him while I was a Technical Consultant with United Nations and he was the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Argentina. Also had a great time and many anecdotes from 1988 when I was assigned to be his technical support while he was President of the 43rd UN General Assembly in NYC.

I remember going very early in the morning to his apartment on 1st Street, he always had coffee ready and while he was shaving and fixing his characteristic mustache I was getting his computer and other gadgets ready for the day. Then we rode the limo together to the UN building entering on the underground parking where I stepped out of the limo and he continued to the street level entrance in the front of the building.

He loved and was a big supporter of technology and modernization for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. One time when Dr. Ricardo Alfonsín then President of Argentina had to put together his speech for the UN General Assembly, we were in Buenos Aires trying to send him a draft of the speech via a very bad and low speed telephone modem connection, but on the NYC side they had another challenge, there was no telephone jack in the Presidential Suite of the Waldorf Astoria and Dante was trying to hack something to be able to connect the Compaq portable computer to the phone line, so many miles away we had one of the assistants to the President calling the front desk of the Waldorf Astoria asking to deliver a set of screwdrivers to the Presidential Suite, Dante was already under the table taking apart the phone line !! LOL.
After many tries we were able to transfer the full document over the modem connection, Dante insisted it had to be that way.

In Buenos Aires, many times he had his security detail pick me up to go to his home right next to the Presidential Residence in Olivos to help him with the latest electronic gadgets acquired during his international trips or fix something on his daughter's computer.

He was one of the key actors to promote and support the development of Internet in Argentina.

An outstanding Diplomat, wonderful and caring Boss, and a funny and warm human being. While with the pass of time we became distant I'm really saddened by his departure.

Dear Dante it was a pleasure and an honor to work with you. My most sincere condolences to his family and friends.

RIP Dr. Dante Caputo 6/19/2018 😥