Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The never ending list ...

Well, after a long while seems that I found the time and inspiration to get back to the blog editor.

After the years I'm starting to realize that I'm and I always been a hyperactive and multitasking kind of person.

My To Do list is allways full and many times I put more stuff there faster than I take it out, pushing some lower priority things down to the bottom.

I wanted to be more active in the blog community but that's one of the things that actually got constantly pushed down on the list to leave space for other higher priority projects.

The fact that I'm posting this entry does not mean that I finally got to the bottom of the list, I just moved up the priority for blogging and finished few projects that were demanding time, and that I'll give it a try to start blogging what I am up to in a more regular basis.

One project that I had on the list for a long time was my
personal website. While I've been always involved with the internet and developed some sites, my forte is not website design and much less now that the technology enables much more creative and artistic sites. I just go for some basic layout and mostly content.

The site is a work on progress and will still be for some time since I'm collecting all pictures, documents and memories that I'll gradually add to the site as part of my biography.

Another project I consider almost finished is
my personal electronics lab. Thanks to eBay and the fact that other people's junk may become your own treasure, and that in my past I made a living fixing junk, I now have basically everything I wanted for the lab.

As you will see from the pictures most of the instruments are old and actually obsolete but they work for what I do and the cost was insignificant compared with the actual costs of some of them today.

One major entry on the list is to finish writing the
history about the first steps for Argentina into the Internet that I mentioned before. I'm not sure yet when I'll get it done but I'm expecting to receive some additional material from Argentina very soon and I'm spending time writing every day. Since I'll host all the information on my website now that the overall structure is done I'll probably start moving faster.

There are other things like some projects related to
LJCV Electronics and getting some old HP Series 80 back to work, but I'll post about them on separate entires.

I guess I can now add one more done mark to my list.

Take care

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